Activity in Spain

The CirculaWASTE project workshops were hosted by Instituto Ikigai – Spanish Association for
Entrepreneurship and Personal and Professional Development. The activities took place in Zaragoza,
Spain, from March 13th to 17th 2023. In these activities, the participants from Belgium, Spain, Romania,
and Türkiye had the opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge about sustainable energy,
agriculture and urban waste management, good practices related to sustainability, greenwashing, and to
reflect on innovations connected to a sustainable economy.

Through the interactive, hands-on learning environment provided by the workshops, as well as through
the knowledge shared by the experts present during the week, the goal for participants was to acquire
new skills and enhance competencies related to waste management and sustainable energy.

The objectives of the workshop were as following:
• Developing knowledge and professional skills related to waste management in their personal
and professional lives;
• Inspiring participants to develop good practices related to sustainability in their own realities;
• Improving knowledge about sustainable energy and a circular economy;
• Sharing knowledge regarding sustainable awareness and the transferring of innovative ideas
about waste management;
• Promoting environmental awareness.

Several activities were set up during these five days. The first day, after some warming up activities,
Ph.D. students of the University of Zaragoza presented their projects about the production of bioproducts
and biofuels from biomass and waste and about the creation of alternative fuel and fertilizer to contribute
to sustainable waste management in livestock areas. Then, a workshop about greenwashing has been
carried out to develop the analysis skills and critical sense of the participant.

During the second day a panel with Fertinagro Biotech was set up and the participants learned about
sustainable agriculture and fertilizers. The same day, the participants had the chance to reflect about
good practices regarding sustainable development in everyday life. Finally, they discussed about the
causes and consequences of the food waste problem and tried to find some solutions.
During the third day, the participants visited the urban waste-management plant ‘CTRUZ’ (Complejo
para el Tratamiento de Residuos Urbanos de Zaragoza), they enjoyed a guided tour through the
education center of the complex, followed by a visit to the plant itself. They concluded the day by vising
the medieval Islamic palace Aljafería.

The day after, they had chance to visit El Galacho de Juslibol, a naturalistic park, where they participated
to a workshop on home-made soap making, produced from used oil and sodium hydroxide.
Finally, the last day was a feedback and an open reflections session about the workshops and panels
partaken in during the week.

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