Activity in Belgium

CirculaWASTE training was hosted by Sustainable Development Studies Network (SDS Network) and held in Brussels, Belgium between 13-17th of November.

CirculaWASTE training was also attended by young professionals from Spain, Latvia, Romania, Belgium and Turkey, They were sharing their thoughts, ideas and experiences as well during the training programme.

The main aims of this training were to provide new information, knowledge and skills about the bioenergy and renewable energy in general to the participants. Other than that, this training aims to provide information related to the circular economy in general. Also, we did other activities too such as city (cultural) hunting and field visit which can provide new ideas and strategies which can be used for future work.

The objectives of the workshop were as following:

  • Developing knowledge and professional skills related to waste management topic
  • Provide better understanding about energy crops management and practices on sustainable energy and solving waste issues
  • Raise-awareness and transfer of innovation for the re-use of waste
  • Promoting environmental protection awareness

On the first day of the workshop getting to know each other, group dynamic activities and introduction to the programme and workshop were done. In the first session and second session of the second day, ”Circular Economy Challenges” was emphasized and group works were implemented in order to make participants better understand the topic and discover the topic by themselves. 3rd and 4th sessions of the day were about ”Renewable Energy and Community Development”. In those sessions, the participants were acquired some theoretical knowledge about the topic and discussions and group work activities were implemented. The third day of the workshop focused on ”Bioenergy production and system”. The four main routes to energy conversion were mention in detail and discussions were made.Bioenergy is currently the main Renewable Energy Source (RES) in the European Union (EU), accounting for 65% of the EU renewable energy consumption. In the second and third sessions ”Community Development in Rural Areas(EU)” was discussed. On the fourth day of the workshop ”Business Model Canvas” which was a visual representation of a business model, highlighting all key strategic factors. The participants were divided into groups and they had to come up with project ideas that were related to the circular economy, waste management, sustainability and energy. The last day of the workshop was all about visiting the field. The participants visited  EU Parliament+House of EU History on the last day of the workshop. 

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