Use of Urban Solid Wastes and Organic Wastes in Agriculture for Transition to Circular Economy

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About CirculaWASTE

CirculaWASTE is an Erasmus+ project which was co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. In CIRCULAWASTE Project, we stimulate the development and use of innovative approaches and tools in agricultural and municipal waste management and biomass energy generation to assess and increase the efficiency of public expenditure in waste management.


The project specifically, provide a comprehensive solution for the development of entrepreneurial skills in biomass energy generation and aimed at VET providers who will acquire new knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate the personal development, employ-ability and participation in the EU Biomass Energy market.


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Activity in RO

The aim is to train the participants on Human Waste/Food Waste

Activity in BE

The aim is to train the participants on Energy Crops

Activity in ES

The aim is to train the participants on Agricultural wastes

Activity in TR

The aim is to train the participants on on Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).



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